Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fillmore on the Fourth of July

There is really no place like Fillmore
on the Fourth of July.
An oasis of Baghdad,
bombs o'erhead
and thrown at your feet
by scamps with smoke balls.
The sky lit up in fourteen places
at once.
Neighborhoods are out.
Chili cookoff.
Don't drive your car
but go to the car show and admire someone else's.
Tranquilize your poor dog.
(Poor poor dogs)
and let the boys have their fun.
But I really don't like the 4th of July.
I know that's unpatriotic.
But loud parties
and beer aren't for me
and I worry about the dogs.
Pop pop pop
ratta tat tat
Boom! up in the air
(followed by eleven illegal fireworks).
Neighborhoods smoky.
Street closed off.
St. Francis of Assisi Church
A refuge for the soul
(Fireworks for sale 2 for one).

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